Science Department

The Chico High Science Department is deeply committed to providing all students a high quality, laboratory-based education.

The range of courses offered by the department include Science (both Physical & Life) for English Language Learners; Introductory Life Science, Chemistry, Earth Science; College Preparatory Biology, Chemistry, Physics; Anatomy & Physiology; to Advanced Placement Biology & Chemistry. It is the goal of the department to not only teach students the basic concepts of science, but to also enrich their lives through knowledge and experiences in science.

Our Successes – Your Generosity at Work

The Science Department continues to benefit from generous local donations. The Chemistry Department at CSUC has donated equipment that ranges from pH meters to pipets. The department has facilitated special tours, guest speakers and the student club hosts an annual High School Chem. Day. The department also supplies all of the deionized water for the department. The Physics Department at CSUC makes classroom presentations and sets up labs every year for the high school students. The Biology Department also contributes guest speakers, labs and visitations. The faculty and staff at Chico State offer continued support to the department.

Businesses and professionals in the community and neighboring area also continue to offer their support. Numerous field trips to places such as the Enloe Hospital Clinical Lab, Monarch Labs, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Orient and Flume Art Glass, Butte County Public Health Lab, Dole Nut in Orland, Water Treatment Plants in Chico and Oroville, North Valley MRI & CT Center and Rice Reaserchers have been enjoyed by many students. Many members of the local medical community participate in the Anatomy/Physiology guest speakers series. Several labs have kindly donated surplus glassware. The donations of gloves for the Biology students from local dentists and physicians has greatly helped the department.

The parents of Chico High Students have also given tremendously to the department! The department has been supported through wonderful gift certificates that enable the puchase of items such as tools and basic electrical supplies. In addition to monetary gifts, the parents of Chico High support the students and encourage them to work to the best of their abilities!

Things that are mentioned here certainly don’t describe all of the support given. The Science Department at Chico High is extremely grateful to the community of Chico!

Current Needs - Beyond Our Budget

Monetary donation to the Science Department to continue funding the Honors in Science Program. This program costs approximately $250.00 per year for the purchase of medals and food for the awards luncheon.


To make things easier we have put together Amazon Wishlists for each department. On each wishlist you will find common school items we always need and with just a few clicks you can help us out a lot. Use the link below to donate today.