2009 Building Our Community Theme

Pete Giampaoli ’65
Builder and Philanthropist

“I have had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful places around the world. As a builder I have tried to bring back a little of the character and charm I have seen and implement them in our home designs.”

James Jessee ’66
CSUC Professor and CHIP Organizer

“…we were responding to John F. Kennedy’s call to ‘ask not what your country can do for you,’ but ‘what you can do for your country.’ We were inspired by this and wanted to make that real.”

Howard Slater ’66
Builder and Philanthropist

“It’s sort of funny in a way that I grew up with a contractor father and never thought of construction as a career. I didn’t embrace it until I found it on my own.”

Stan Thompson ’70
Owner of Painting Business

“All that I personally have done in community service is very little compared to many in this great town of Chico… just part of what we are supposed to do as good stewards and good citizens by helping others in our community.”

Bob & Suzy Roach

“We were so thrilled to be living in Chico that Bob and I decided we needed to “give back”. We may have arrived in 1976, but Chico is our home town—when we leave this world it would be comforting to know we made a difference.”

2008 Mathematics and Science Theme

Floyd L. English
Former CEO of the Andrew Corporation

“The world is full of opportunities for those who are willing to work. The real mark of character, however, comes from not how we react to our successes, but how we react to our setbacks. So always believe in yourself, and remain committed to learning, to truth, and to your dreams.”

Dick and Marge Maddux
CHS Instructor and Local Pharmacist

“I don't much care about what we've done for the last 62 years. I think it's important that all of us focus on what we can do from here on for young people.”

Carolyn Spellmann Shoemaker
World Renown Astronomer

“Become as broad as possible in your astronomical interests and become proficient in the tools you will need...If you know your subject and are willing to work hard, you will be accepted.”

2007 Visual and Performing Arts Theme

Claudia Williamson Steel
Local Artist

Amanda Detmer
Hollywood Actress

Jeff Childs
Local Musician

2006 Agriculture Theme

Ben Bertagna Sr. (Posthumously)
Local Almond Rancher

Tom Dauterman
Owner of Thomas Welding, Inc.

2005 Business Theme

Harry A. Merlo
Former President and CEO of Louisiana Pacific Corp

Dallas Lewis
Former CEO of Baldwin Construction