Industrial Technology Department

Chico Academy of Design plus mathematics and English is an exciting academy which focuses on Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing. This is a rigorous program with sequential classes for each grade level and ROP classes for capstone students.

All students have access to modern computer labs equipped with printers, plotters, CNC mills, rapid prototypers, industry software (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MasterCAM) and more. CAD+ students can take advantage of college opportunities by enrolling in our articulated classes, Butte College night classes or by completing the courses which receive University of California Fine Arts A-G.

CAD+ maintains a strong working relationship with local industry as well. Businesses such as; Nicols, Melburg & Rossetto, Norfield, Gary Hawkins Architect, Land Image, Streamline Engineering, M&T Construction and Thomas Welding all participate in mentoring and career training for our students. This is a strong part of our academy and we strongly recommend students enroll in one of our level I courses as a Freshman in order to participate in our industry program as early as their Junior year. We participate in the junior high orientations, parent night and individual visitations in order to expose new students to CADplus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us as follows:

Tom Phelan
CAM Manufacturing Instructor
Chico High School
Ph: (530) 891-3026 Ext. 353

Mike Bruggeman
CAD Drafting Instructor
Chico High School
Butte Community College
Ph: (530) 891-3026 Ext. 352

Our Successes - Your Generosity at Work

Donations are a welcome and needed part of an expensive program like CAD+. We must maintain software and equipment which meets industry standards in order to place our students in competitive internships and mentorship's. We also serve as a training site for the California Industrial Technology Education Association(CITEA) and California Drafting Technology Consortium(CDTC).

We have received generous donations from Computers for Schools in the way of computer hardware and Pacific Gas & Electric has helped with the purchase of flat panel monitors. Other than that, we have been surviving on budget money, district money and small grants. It takes a lot of money simply to maintain what we have acquired let alone updating and upgrading our labs. We see the foundation as a positive move in the right direction in helping as keep CAD+ a leader in Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing.

Current Needs - Beyond Our Budgets

We have identified the following needs that could use assistance each year. We are in a constant need of upgrading to new software and hardware that meets the needs of a competitive industry:

Annual upgrades (AutoCAD, Solid Works & MasterCAM educational versions)

Upgrade RAM or replace old units

Printers & Plotters
High quality machines capable of photo quality

Computer Numerical Controlled(CNC) Equipment
Mills, lasers, lathes & 3Dprinters

Annual needs to equipment and accessories

Paper, ink/toner, wood, bits, sandpaper and hardware