"Learning Never Ends" Premiere Encore - November 14, 2012 @ 6:30pm

If you missed the Gala Premiere, then you don't miss the encore!

Join us on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at the Roger Williams Theater
(Chico High Campus)

MEET & GREET ~ 6:30pm
PROGRAM ~ 7:00pm

Tickets Available at Collier Hardware, the Chico High School Main Office, Online, or $10 at the Door -- Seating is limited!

Watch the Trailer


"I attended the gala yesterday evening and was truly inspired by the event. I am a teacher within the district and yesterday was not one of my best days. I didn't know how much I needed to be at the gala and hear the stories, memories, and hopes of past and present teachers until I found myself beaming in the audience- after more than a few tears. Thank you so much for this gift to our community! The event was truly a blessing."
Amy Hanford, Spanish, ELD & Yearbook, Inspire School of Art and Science
"I love the path my life has taken me on -- I love my education, I love my students, I love my coworkers, and I love my family."
Lisa Price

Kathy Haines was a Trailblazer in Women’s Athletics

Born in McCloud and graduating from Yreka High School and Chico State, Kathy was an integral part of Chico High from 1964 until her retirement in 2000.  She served as a PE teacher during those years as well as girls' basketball coach (1975-1998), softball coach (1975-1998), and Athletic Director (1987-2000).

Chico High was a big part of Kathy's life.  In conversations with her you would always end up talking about Chico High students and faculty.

Kathy was involved in athletics not only at CHS but within the Northern Section and CIF as well. In the early 70's, when Title 9 was ushered in, Kathy was part of the statewide implementation of competitive interscholastic teams for girls.  For their significant involvement, the California Interscholastic Federation honored her and other women who sat on the committee to initiate girls’ interscholastic sports.

She went about her job in a quiet way but the focus was always on students.  She was not one for a lot of words and her motivation was working to improve and develop the players. 

“When I became the girls' basketball coach and then the athletic director, I was proud to be able to carry on traditions that Kathy had worked so hard to set in place.” Bob Hanson, Chico High. 

Memorial donations to the Chico High School Foundation may be made in Kathy’s name to on our donate page.

Pat Wismer was a Renaissance Women

Pat— or 'Wiz' as she was affectionately called by all those who personally knew her— was born in York, Pennsylvania. Pat was married to Lawrence H. Wismer on August 4, 1961; they had no children. 

Larry was a Professor of Drama from 1963 to 1980 at the CSU, Chico. Pat and Larry were married for 43 years before his passing in February 2004, at the age of 92. Pat established the Patricia & Larry Wismer Theatre Scholarship to celebrate Larry's legacy and tireless efforts to advance to a new level of professional talent and prestige.

Wiz herself had numerous credits to her passions and profession. She was a writer of musicals, children's plays, and novels, as well as a set and lighting designer for a number of plays at the various educational institutions to which she attended and was employed. 

A graduate of Mount Holyyoke College,Wiz began teaching English, Drama, and Photography, beginning at York City Schools in PA from 1960 till her employment with Chico Senior High School in 1964. She retired in 1996 with an impressive list of credentials and credits to her name. Over the years, Pat was recognized with various prizes and awards for her outstanding contributions to education, including the Chico Unified SD Mentor Teacher from 1983-1993 and Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.

Pat especially loved cats and other animals and devoted her retirement to supporting the work of both the Chico Cat Coalition and The Animals Voice, both of Chico, CA.

Memorial donations to the Chico High School Foundation made in Pat’s name to the Patricia Wismer Charitable Fund.

Chico High School Foundation Finds New Leadership in the Wake of Tragedy

The Chico High School Foundation (CHSF) is pleased to announce a new president to its Board of Directors.

At the January meeting of the foundation the board voted unanimously to appoint Syl Lucena, a Chico native and Chico High School graduate into the leadership position. This decision was made after the sudden and unexpected loss of Roger Williams, former principal of Chico High School and Founder of the Chico High School Foundation.

Roger was a tireless advocate for quality education and supporter of Chico High School. Immediately following his 22-year tenure in the administration at Chico High Roger committed himself to raising endowments and various other funds to directly support teachers and students at Chico High School. Under his stellar leadership the CHSF raised more than $200,000 earmarked to benefit all facets of the high school from Agriculture to Arts and Sciences. Roger worked to provide former teachers and alumni effective ways to give back to their alma mater. His legacy was truly in promoting and supporting quality education.

“It was an honor and a privilege to work the past six years alongside Roger Williams. His commitment to our youth and quality education was unparalleled.  I truly believe Roger would be pleased knowing Syl is at the helm,” stated Alexa Valavanis, CEO of the North Valley Community Foundation the umbrella organization for CHSF. 

Syl Lucena is a graduate of both Chico High School and Chico State. He has been married to his wife, Carol for 51 years, has 3 sons, Marc, Steve and Matt, all graduates of CHS and is the proud grandpa of 6. Syl has owned Collier Hardware in Downtown Chico for 48 years. He has served on the Enloe Foundation, currenty serves on the Chico Rotary Foundation and is a board member of AAA NCNU.

The Chico High School Foundation Board of Directors also includes:

Syl Lucena, President; Alberta Simic, Vice President; Carol Laffins, Secretary; Tim Colbie, Treasurer.

Maribeth Growden; Michael Halldorson; Earl Jessee; Emma Jessee; Mary McGowan-Anderson; Michael Redman; Debi Stalions; and Dan Sours.

The mission of the Chico High School Foundation is to enhance and enrich student learning opportunities by providing additional financial support for the academic and extracurricular programs at Chico High School. Chico High School Foundation is a nonprofit public charity though it partnership with the North Valley Community Foundation.

Chico High School and the Chico Community Mourns the Sudden and Unexpected Loss of Former Principal Roger Williams

The Chico community was shocked to hear of the untimely death of Former Principal and President of the Chico High School Foundation, Roger Williams.

Roger was a tireless supporter of Chico High School. Following a 22 year tenure in the administration at our alma mater, Roger, in retirement, committed himself to raising endowments to support teachers and students at and graduating from Chico High School. He was a pillar of our community, who selflessly devoted himself to the betterment of our children— to see that they had the best education and the greatest opportunities available. 

He will be sorely missed in Chico— and fondly remembered by family, friends, and the thousands of people who had the pleasure of meeting him in this life.

Upon the instruction of his family, contributions in memory of Roger Williams may be sent to:

Roger Williams Memorial Fund
c/o North Valley Community Foundation
P.O. Box 6581
Chico, CA 95927

We will miss him, dearly. 

Donate to Chico High School Foundation

Anonymous Donor Pledges $14,000 Scholarship for the 8th Consecutive Year

For the eighth consecutive year, an anonymous donor is providing a scholarship to a Chico High graduate who will attend California State University, Chico in Fall 2012 and major in Engineering.

The scholarship is $14,000 and distributed over 2 years. These scholarships have enriched the lives of CHS grads and provided them with the opportunity to attend a four year university. Meet the first two recipients and learn how this scholarship impacted their lives.

Va Lee 

After 5 years at Chico State and a year of study abroad in Costa Rica, I am sad but also very excited to be back home in search for my career job. I must say without the scholarship, I would not have the financial aid for my education and study abroad. Because of the scholarship, I was able to get the necessary school needs without having to work outside; therefore, I had more time to concentrate on my education. Thank you to my wonderful donor. After studying abroad, I have made a new plan. I would like to do more travelings but still be doing engineering at the same time. Therefore, I have been looking into the Navy Corp of Engineering. So as of now I would like go to the Navy Corp or to further my education in hope of getting a master degree in Geo-technical Engineering.

Xai Lao 

I can still remembered the night when I was announced as the recipient of the $10,000 scholarship award to help me in my quest to enrich and advance my education in Civil Engineering at California State University, Chico (CSUC). I was overwhelmed with a spectrum of mix motions: joyful and surprise to be the recipient, at awe that there are philanthropists out their willing to help students like me, and nervous that I might not be able to deliver my end of the bargain.

Throughout my first three years at Chico State, the scholarship assuaged my financial burdens.  The scholarship was used to pay for my living and educational expenses.  A portion of the money is used to pay for my portion of the house rent, food, utility bills, cell phone bills, and car insurance.  The money also helped me afford a new laptop and internet at home; making it more convenient for me to do research and study.  I have also used the money to buy college textbooks, which are quite expensive, especially the math and science subjects.  Besides from textbooks, I’ve also used the money to buy school supplies and Engineering supplies.

I deeply appreciate the financial assistance because it has made ample difference in my college life, both personally and educationally.  The grant abated my financial burden, which means more time for me to focus on the most central aspects of school: studying and learning.  The excess time also allows me to explore my interests in Applied Mathematics, the second major I’m pursuing at CSUC.  My heart-felt appreciation for the extra time I could afford with this financial assistance that has allowed me to spend more time with my terminally ill mother.

During my fourth year at CSUC, my beloved mother has passed away.  I was in desperation for financial help and once again I was awarded with an extra $6200 dollars from the same donors to help me on my living and educational expenses.  It felt great to know that someone cares to help out throughout my quest for a higher education.

The scholarship did not just help me financially; it also formed a pillar of motivation for me to strife for a higher education.  The thought of disappointing those that have helped me throughout my academic career, constantly reminds me and motivates me to try my very best to accomplish my goals.

At the end of my academic year at CSUC, I hope that the least I could have accomplished is deliver my end of the bargain.

Josh Miranda - 2009

I am a senior this year but I will be taking one more year after this to complete my degree. I have been involved with a team on campus where we build a small scale formula 1 car and compete with it against other schools. Designing this car has really taught me about proper engineering practices for real world applications but most importantly, it has taught me how to teach myself material that isn't taught in the classroom.

For the past two summers, I was employed at a local manufacturing company called Norfield as an engineering intern. The company makes machines for prehanging interior doors, which isn't the field where I eventually want to go, but it gave me the valuable experience working with other people on a project that will actually be sold.

I have been recently been considering continuing my schooling after I earn my bachelor's in Mechatronic and pursue a masters degree in automotive and motorsport engineering. I dream of working as an engineer for formula 1 or any other major racing series.

New Chico High Athletics' Endowment Fund Established!

Show your appreciation to your Chico High School coach by donating to the newly established Athletic Endowment Fund. Your money will be placed into a permanent account and invested in the market ( 60% common stock and 40% bonds). The athletic director and a committee of coaches will determine how to spend the interest monies on an annual basis. The money could be used for a scholarship and/or needed supplies and equipment.

What a way to demonstrate your a appreciation and loyalty! Donate to Chico High School Foundation

Chico High School Sports Reunion— Celebrating Varsity Head Coaches & Athletes

Coaches… They inspire us to dream bigger… They push us further than we think we can go… They give us the tools we need to succeed… They see in us more than we see in ourselves. They change our lives. It’s time to say thank you to the coach in your life.

Sold Out

Though happy to reach our goals, we were sorry to have to turn away anyone that came out. What an amazing community surrounding Chico High School Athletics!

Join us on Saturday, August 21, 2010 to express our gratitude to the Coaches who meant so much to us and to visit with other Alumni athletes. The Chico High Foundation Board will host the first ever CHS Coaches’ Reunion at the Elk's Club on Manzanita Avenue. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., there will be a social hour followed by a BBQ dinner at 7:00 p.m. Varsity Coaches from the last 60 years will be there as well as the former athletes from those golden years.

Our goal is to fill the Elk's Club with coaches and athletes from the 1950's through 2010. Let’s show the coaches what they meant to us and say thanks.

The Following Coaches Will Be Attending the Aug. 21 Sports Reunion!

  • Kohen, Bob
  • La Bar, Dan
  • Lynch, Jim
  • Main, Ed
  • McClellan, J. "Rock"
  • McDonald, Skip
  • Miller, Ken
  • Nix, Tom
  • Noe, Bob
  • Perkins, Keith
  • Phelan, Tom
  • Piercy, Ken
  • Quist, Robert
  • Reyna, Sal
  • Rollins, Keith
  • Roth, Debra
  • Ryther, Orville
  • Sheley, Chuck
  • Simmons, Sam
  • Simmons, Willie
  • Simpson, Candy
  • Simpson, Mike
  • Stephens, Paul
  • Wackerman, Jeanine
  • Windsor, Jacqui
  • Yerman, Jack
  • Allen, Linda
  • Alvistur, Jason
  • Babb, Julianne
  • Bader, George
  • Beck, John
  • Bender, Daryl
  • Beveridge, David
  • Bicocca, Bruno
  • Boulding, Wayne
  • Bruchler, Kirk
  • Carton, Chip
  • Circo, Gerald
  • Cooper, Mike
  • Darby, Allen
  • Dillavou, Cookie
  • Edson, Dale
  • Fairley, Scott
  • Gailey, Mark
  • Gilbert, Blackie
  • Hanson, Bob
  • Heaslip, Scott
  • Houser, Steve
  • Jones, Mel
  • Jungling, Kent
  • Kemp, Richard
  • King, Phil

CHSF President to Receive Hank Marsh Community Service Award

School Board president Jann Reed recently announced that Roger Williams, former principal and current president of the Chico High Foundation, will receive the community service award in the name of Hank Marsh at the Chico Educators Hall of Fame dinner on March 10th at the California Park Pavillon. The dinner starts at 7 pm.

Roger founded the CHS Foundation in 2003 with the assistance of a dedicated group of alumni including Alberta Simic. Currently, the Foundation manages 26 different funds each of which is dedicated for a specific purpose at the school.

The current value of the portfolio is approximately $275,000.

Read Roger's biography

Please call for tickets either Mary Sours (891-3026), or Mary Evans (893-5175)

CHS Varsity Head Coach Reunion Date is Set

Mark Saturday, August 21st on your calendar!

On this date the CHS Foundation will recognize and celebrate the athletic careers of over 120 coaches who have led the varsity boys' and girls' teams at CHS. We cordially invite and encourage all former CHS athletes to attend the dinner, talk about the old days with your coach, and help raise monies for the athletic department. The Reunion will be held at the Manzanita Place/Elk's Lodge starting at 6pm. Tickets may be purchased on-line or at local business establishments.

See a list of all the head coaches, athletic directors, and principals since 1902)

The CHSF Thanks the Following for Their Support in 2009!

A heart-felt thank you to the following individuals and businesses for their generous support of Chico High School through donation and participation in the Chico High School Foundation in 2009!

  • ABC Supply Company
  • Sandy and Frank Acebo
  • Lisa and Tony Aeilts
  • Linda and Terry Allread
  • Gale and Vic Alvistur
  • Connie and Ed Anderson
  • Nancy and Ken Anderson
  • Diane Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Melanie Bassett
  • Jody and Scott Bechhold
  • The Behring Family
  • Carmen Bertagna
  • Janet and Andrew Bertagna
  • MaryJane and Ben Bertagna
  • Best Buy
  • Robin Bicocca
  • June and Bob Bock
  • BJN Construction
  • Neal Bordenave
  • Susan and Brian Boyer
  • Mary Briles
  • Mike Bruggeman
  • Cal Java
  • Janet and Michael Carroll
  • Jennifer and Charles Carroll
  • Nancy Campos
  • Donna and Tom Carter
  • B. Chapman
  • Chico Custom Counters
  • Chico Rotary Club
  • CHSF Board Members
  • CSHS 1989 Reunion
  • CHS I-Tech Students
  • CHS Parent Volunteers
  • Collier Hardware
  • Barbara Copeland
  • Laurie and Greg Cootsona
  • Devora Corbin
  • Sue and Tom Dauterman
  • Patty and Jeff Day
  • Sue Delgardo and the CHS Acappella Choir
  • Desa Design
  • Kerri and Bill Dinsmore
  • Jane Dolan
  • Syd and Dick Donnor
  • Kathleen and Alan Drew
  • Carolyn Driscoll
  • Trish and Loren Dunlap
  • Mary and Bob Evans
  • Leslie and Bob Feaster
  • Liz and Jim Foley
  • Betsy and Pete Giampaoli
  • Darlene and Chris Giampaoli
  • Calvin Greenwood
  • Ken Grossman and the Staff of the Sierra Nevada Brewery
  • John Growdon
  • Maribeth Growdon
  • Half A Bubble Out
  • Jim Hanlon
  • Kristina Hann
  • Bobby Lou Henry
  • Michael Herring
  • Lori Hoffman
  • Home Depot
  • Hughes Hardwoods
  • Joan and Douglas Imhoff
  • Emma Jessee
  • Meegan and Earl Jessee
  • Nelda and Jim Jessee
  • Peg and Steve Johnson
  • Laurie and Zack Kincheloe
  • Carol and Rick Laffins
  • Lee Laney
  • Lash’s Glass
  • Learning Change, LLC
  • Russell Lee
  • Kay Lewis Tim
  • Rey Loeho
  • Carol and Syl Lucena
  • Marge and Seldon Maddux
  • Richard Matson
  • Mary McGowan and Wes Anderson
  • Marlene and Roger Merlo
  • Liz and Steve Metzger
  • Carrie and Claude Monlux
  • Paul Montz
  • Laura Moretti
  • Moss Lumber and Hardware
  • Maggie and Joe Navarro
  • Kathy and Steve Nettleton
  • Chris Nichols
  • Julia and Eric Nilsson
  • Sandra and John Nishla
  • Anne Nordus
  • NVCF Staff
  • Nancy and Rick Ostrom
  • Pacific Supply
  • Adele Patterson
  • Payless Building Supply
  • Patty and Pete Peterson
  • Tom Phelan
  • Nancy and Ron Piret
  • Betty and Clark Porter
  • PIP Printing
  • Jann Reed and Lester Wong
  • Kathryn and Michael Redman
  • Alice Reyhner
  • Mary and Don Richey
  • Rose Mary Rinter
  • Suzy and Bob Roach
  • Emma and George Roney
  • Judith Roth
  • Sam’s Door Company
  • Barbara Scott
  • Carol and Steve Seidenglanz
  • Cathie Shanks
  • Alberta and Don Simic
  • Sara Simmons
  • Ruth Simmons
  • Jan and Sutherland Simpson
  • Ann and Emmett Skinner
  • Margaret Skinner
  • Blaine Stanford
  • Betty and Don Slater
  • Diane and Howard Slater
  • Lindsay Slater
  • Rachel and Brandon Slater
  • Candy Solari
  • Mary and Dan Sours
  • Carol and Monroe Sprague
  • Kelly Staley
  • Debi Stalions
  • Stephanie and James Starmer
  • Square Deal Matress
  • The Tochterman Family
  • Jean Stoner Wood
  • Joan Stoner
  • Renette and Tony Symmes
  • Roy Tadea
  • June and George Thompson
  • Laurie and Stan Thompson
  • Tina Thompson
  • Thomas Thomson
  • Louise and Harold Urness
  • Alexa Valavanis
  • Ed Wallich
  • James Walter
  • Wade Warren
  • Western Woodworks
  • Karen White
  • Nancy and Roger Williams
  • Deborah Willsey
  • Patricia Wismer
  • Margo Yerman

Win a Luxury Children’s Playhouse—Raffle!

With your help and the help of local business owners, the Chico High School Foundation hopes to place all new computers in the classrooms of the Industrial Technology Department.

These new computers will help not only today’s student body but thousands of students in the future. You can make a difference and allow our students to succeed with their education.

Our teachers work hard to create a “hands on” experience, unique classroom environments and mentoring programs for students. Chico High School has provided the Industrial Technology Department with access to some remarkable programs and printers, the trouble is that the aging computers are so out of date, they are having trouble supporting the advanced software that the school already owns!

Please join the Chico High School Foundation by investing in the Industrial Technology program!

A finely crafted children’s playhouse will be raffled off at the alumni dinner on September 24th. Monies raised from the raffle will be used to purchase computers for the industrial technology program at the high school. Luxury features include: Plasma TVHardwood FlooringSink and Counters, and a Built-in Bed!

The program includes architectural design, mechanical engineering, and a state-of-the-art wood shop. Chico High students have designed and built the playhouse and all the materials have been donated by members of the local building community.

The raffle prize is consistent with the dinner theme of “Building our Community” and proceeds will help sustain and build upon an exemplary program offered to students going into design, building and/or architectural careers. Mike Bruggeman, the CHS instructor, has recently been recognized as industrial technology instructor of the year for the State of California for his accomplishments in developing this outstanding program and involving so many local businesses as working partners.

Raffle tickets may be purchased at Collier HardwareCal Java Skyway and Cal Java East Ave. locations, and at various CHS and community events.

The playhouse can be viewed at the vacant lot located at the corner of First and Main.

Raffle tickets cost $20.00 each.

Former Chico High instructor, Leonard Duarte (music), was profiled in the national media

Mr. Leonard Duarte, an extraordinary teacher of music, was featured as one of only eight teachers nation-wide in American Profile magazine in August.

"American Profile" is included in each edition of the Tuesday Chico-Enterprise Record as well as many other newspapers nationwide.

Tony Aeilts (’74) submitted a story of Leonard’s life-changing teaching skills to the "American profile." (Tony is a retired chief of police with 30 years of experience and a recent member of the CHSF board.)

Tony wrote that: “Leonard influenced many young students. He was a demanding teacher but coupled his high demands with kindness… He was a constant barometer on how to do things in an exemplary way…”

We encourage you to support CHSF as it helps teachers follow in Leonard’s footsteps. Doing so ensures you make a difference well into the future.

The Chico High School Foundation is a participant in the Annie B’s Community Drive

Individuals who donate monies to CHSF during the Annie B’s Program period (August 1 to September 30) will earn additional monies to their investment due to the generosity of this North Valley Community Foundation organized program.


Despite a very troubled national and state economy, each investment gift will earn an additional percentage amount. While we will not know the special percentage rate applied this year until October, we do know that our donors have received a boost to their investment gift of 14% in 2007, and 10.6% in 2008.

Each account listed in this newsletter is open for your investment dollars. Scholarships are awarded annually to students in the departments identified. Endowment accounts in various people’s names award a dollar or percentage amount to the department for purchase of supplies and/or equipment. The CHSF board manages each account according to donor/s wishes.

Donors have several optional ways to invest in scholarship or endowment accounts which benefit CHS students. Checks mailed to North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), 3120 Cohasset Road, Suite 8 is the traditional way of donating. You can also invest on-line by going the CHSF website at www.chicohighschool.org and clicking to the donation page. Every donation receives a confirmation and thank you note from NVCF for IRS purposes.

If you are undecided or unclear about where to invest your dollars, please consider the Centennial Account. This account originated with the celebration in 2001 and supports mini-grants for teachers to buy items which are not affordable in their district budget.

Summary of the Chico High School Foundation Budget - August 2009

Agriculture Endowments & Scholarships

Agriculture Dept    $35,870.98
Harry A. Merlo    10,704.72
Donald Hayes    6,631.68
Thomas Alldredge    2,134.75
Press Powell    3,778.35
Bertagna Family    6,115.82
Joe Miguel    1,248.06

Art Department

Claudia Williamson-Steel Endowment     8,697.56

Athletic Department

Mike Sherrard Annuity    1,263.15

English Department

Patricia Wismer Fund    7,680.39

Mathematics Department

Anonymous Engineering    11,430.30

Science Department

Maddux Scholarship    9,723.13

Theatre Program

Roger Williams Theatre    4,084.87

Special Programs

Donald & Esther Jewett Endowment    10,786.93

Memorial Endowments

Adam Gausemel    17,453.82
Jaime Walker Memorial    1,358.18
Danny Imhoff Memorial    11,133.60
Holly Barnett Memorial    5,430.51
Dorothy Ramon Memorial    2,174.91
Centennial Mini-Grant    33,401.75

Class/Staff Endowments

Class of 1961 Endowment    3,091.32
CHS Staff Endowment    2,740.48
Spirit of ’96    1,138.72


General    8.75

Designated Funds

ACT    6,029.01
Collin Sweeney Memorial    2,000.00
CHAMP    15,960.74

Operating Funds

Chico High School Foundation General Fund    409.78
Grand Total of All Funds    $222,482.26

Chico High School Foundation Awards Scholarship Monies

At the spring senior awards ceremony, the Chico High School Foundation awarded $19,550 to twenty students to further their education at the community college, college, or university level.

One highlight came when thanks to a wonderful anonymous donor Josh Miranda received a $12,000 scholarship to further his education in the engineering program at Chico State University. He will major in mechatronics, which is a combination of mechanical and electrical majors. This is the sixth $12,000 scholarship offered by this very generous donor.