Anonymous Donor Pledges $14,000 Scholarship for the 8th Consecutive Year

For the eighth consecutive year, an anonymous donor is providing a scholarship to a Chico High graduate who will attend California State University, Chico in Fall 2012 and major in Engineering.

The scholarship is $14,000 and distributed over 2 years. These scholarships have enriched the lives of CHS grads and provided them with the opportunity to attend a four year university. Meet the first two recipients and learn how this scholarship impacted their lives.

Va Lee 

After 5 years at Chico State and a year of study abroad in Costa Rica, I am sad but also very excited to be back home in search for my career job. I must say without the scholarship, I would not have the financial aid for my education and study abroad. Because of the scholarship, I was able to get the necessary school needs without having to work outside; therefore, I had more time to concentrate on my education. Thank you to my wonderful donor. After studying abroad, I have made a new plan. I would like to do more travelings but still be doing engineering at the same time. Therefore, I have been looking into the Navy Corp of Engineering. So as of now I would like go to the Navy Corp or to further my education in hope of getting a master degree in Geo-technical Engineering.

Xai Lao 

I can still remembered the night when I was announced as the recipient of the $10,000 scholarship award to help me in my quest to enrich and advance my education in Civil Engineering at California State University, Chico (CSUC). I was overwhelmed with a spectrum of mix motions: joyful and surprise to be the recipient, at awe that there are philanthropists out their willing to help students like me, and nervous that I might not be able to deliver my end of the bargain.

Throughout my first three years at Chico State, the scholarship assuaged my financial burdens.  The scholarship was used to pay for my living and educational expenses.  A portion of the money is used to pay for my portion of the house rent, food, utility bills, cell phone bills, and car insurance.  The money also helped me afford a new laptop and internet at home; making it more convenient for me to do research and study.  I have also used the money to buy college textbooks, which are quite expensive, especially the math and science subjects.  Besides from textbooks, I’ve also used the money to buy school supplies and Engineering supplies.

I deeply appreciate the financial assistance because it has made ample difference in my college life, both personally and educationally.  The grant abated my financial burden, which means more time for me to focus on the most central aspects of school: studying and learning.  The excess time also allows me to explore my interests in Applied Mathematics, the second major I’m pursuing at CSUC.  My heart-felt appreciation for the extra time I could afford with this financial assistance that has allowed me to spend more time with my terminally ill mother.

During my fourth year at CSUC, my beloved mother has passed away.  I was in desperation for financial help and once again I was awarded with an extra $6200 dollars from the same donors to help me on my living and educational expenses.  It felt great to know that someone cares to help out throughout my quest for a higher education.

The scholarship did not just help me financially; it also formed a pillar of motivation for me to strife for a higher education.  The thought of disappointing those that have helped me throughout my academic career, constantly reminds me and motivates me to try my very best to accomplish my goals.

At the end of my academic year at CSUC, I hope that the least I could have accomplished is deliver my end of the bargain.

Josh Miranda - 2009

I am a senior this year but I will be taking one more year after this to complete my degree. I have been involved with a team on campus where we build a small scale formula 1 car and compete with it against other schools. Designing this car has really taught me about proper engineering practices for real world applications but most importantly, it has taught me how to teach myself material that isn't taught in the classroom.

For the past two summers, I was employed at a local manufacturing company called Norfield as an engineering intern. The company makes machines for prehanging interior doors, which isn't the field where I eventually want to go, but it gave me the valuable experience working with other people on a project that will actually be sold.

I have been recently been considering continuing my schooling after I earn my bachelor's in Mechatronic and pursue a masters degree in automotive and motorsport engineering. I dream of working as an engineer for formula 1 or any other major racing series.