The Chico High School Foundation is a participant in the Annie B’s Community Drive

Individuals who donate monies to CHSF during the Annie B’s Program period (August 1 to September 30) will earn additional monies to their investment due to the generosity of this North Valley Community Foundation organized program.


Despite a very troubled national and state economy, each investment gift will earn an additional percentage amount. While we will not know the special percentage rate applied this year until October, we do know that our donors have received a boost to their investment gift of 14% in 2007, and 10.6% in 2008.

Each account listed in this newsletter is open for your investment dollars. Scholarships are awarded annually to students in the departments identified. Endowment accounts in various people’s names award a dollar or percentage amount to the department for purchase of supplies and/or equipment. The CHSF board manages each account according to donor/s wishes.

Donors have several optional ways to invest in scholarship or endowment accounts which benefit CHS students. Checks mailed to North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), 3120 Cohasset Road, Suite 8 is the traditional way of donating. You can also invest on-line by going the CHSF website at and clicking to the donation page. Every donation receives a confirmation and thank you note from NVCF for IRS purposes.

If you are undecided or unclear about where to invest your dollars, please consider the Centennial Account. This account originated with the celebration in 2001 and supports mini-grants for teachers to buy items which are not affordable in their district budget.