Do you personally have a goal for the CHS Foundation?

I have the dream of having $1,000,000 endowed with the interest of $ 50,000 to $100,000 a year going to scholarships or programs. The state and federal government funding does a relatively good job in providing a base learning experience for students. However, it falls short in every teacher’s mind of what they would like students to experience in their classroom.

We as alumni, parents, and community members do have the power individually and collectively to positively affect the learning and teaching experiences at Chico High School… Forever! What better investment?

You are obviously impressed with the North Valley Community Foundation. Can you explain why?

The quality of leadership, and their board’s conscientious stewardship of donor monies are the main reasons I feel confident in NVCF’s purpose and long term potential. Alexa Valavanis is the new Executive Director and has done a magnificent job of reviving the Foundation.

The NVCF Board is overseeing almost $3 million dollars in assets with more coming in every month. Recently, a donor directed $325,000 of his estate to the Foundation. This individual did a serious amount of investigation about the strengths of different Foundations and decided that NVCF was his preferred choice.


Tell me about the Centennial Fund?

In 2002 Chico High School celebrated its 100th anniversary. If you remember, the community and alumni celebrated with a downtown parade and dinner at the Elk’s Club. As a result of this event, we raised approximately $28,000 which the organizing committee said must be endowed with the interest going to benefit students and programs at CHS. This decision served as a motivating reason to find a place to invest the monies. It started my relationship with the North Valley Community Foundation. It is also the reason the Fund is now a mini-grant funding source for CHS teachers.

What are your next steps in advancing your mission statement?

We have a couple of new ideas that we are going to implement this spring. First, with the help of the Learning Change staff, we intend to build a modern web site that will explain our programs and offer donors the opportunity to invest online. Second, we want to initiate a luncheon program with potential donors to discuss the investment options and the potential of leaving a lasting legacy. If you would like to lunch with the president, vice president, and a CHS instructor, please give us a call.