Chico High School Sports Reunion— Celebrating Varsity Head Coaches & Athletes

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Coaches…They inspire us to dream bigger…They push us further than we think we can go…They give us the tools we need to succeed…They see in us more than we see in ourselves

They change our lives

It’s time to say thank you to the coach in your life.

Sold Out!

Though happy to reach our goals, we were sorry to have to turn away anyone that came out. What an amazing community surrounding Chico High School Athletics!

Join us on Saturday, August 21, 2010 to express our gratitude to the Coaches who meant so much to us and to visit with other Alumni athletes. The Chico High Foundation Board will host the first ever CHS Coaches’ Reunion at the Elk's Club on Manzanita Avenue. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., there will be a social hour followed by a BBQ dinner at 7:00 p.m. Varsity Coaches from the last 60 years will be there as well as the former athletes from those golden years.

Our goal is to fill the Elk's Club with coaches and athletes from the 1950's through 2010. Let’s show the coaches what they meant to us and say thanks.

The Following Coaches Will Be Attending the Aug. 21 Sports Reunion!

  • Allen, Linda
  • Alvistur, Jason
  • Babb, Julianne
  • Bader, George
  • Beck, John
  • Bender, Daryl
  • Beveridge, David
  • Bicocca, Bruno
  • Boulding, Wayne
  • Bruchler, Kirk
  • Carton, Chip
  • Circo, Gerald
  • Cooper, Mike
  • Darby, Allen
  • Dillavou, Cookie
  • Edson, Dale
  • Fairley, Scott
  • Gailey, Mark
  • Gilbert, Blackie
  • Hanson, Bob
  • Heaslip, Scott
  • Houser, Steve
  • Jones, Mel
  • Jungling, Kent
  • Kemp, Richard
  • King, Phil
  • Kohen, Bob
  • La Bar, Dan
  • Lynch, Jim
  • Main, Ed
  • McClellan, J. "Rock"
  • McDonald, Skip
  • Miller, Ken
  • Nix, Tom
  • Noe, Bob
  • Perkins, Keith
  • Phelan, Tom
  • Piercy, Ken
  • Quist, Robert
  • Reyna, Sal
  • Rollins, Keith
  • Roth, Debra
  • Ryther, Orville
  • Sheley, Chuck
  • Simmons, Sam
  • Simmons, Willie
  • Simpson, Candy
  • Simpson, Mike
  • Stephens, Paul
  • Wackerman, Jeanine
  • Windsor, Jacqui
  • Yerman, Jack

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